About Me

I am a graduate Architect, working with TKDA Architects in Surry Hills, Sydney. As a young designer, I am a big fan of good clean simple design, thus my design palette at the moment is following that ethos, be it in my architectural design or graphical design. Also, I believe in working with the hand, less digital and more analogue. 

Since moving to Sydney, I am exposed to a community of many inspiring individuals who make and create many wonderful things. Thus, I believe by using hands to make things, it inspires good design. I use my hand in a similar fashion, I make things but I mostly write things. I believe in good penmanship, good handwritten words that could spark and inspire good ideas and motivation. 

I write, in hope it would inspire people in their home, to make and to create things with their hands, and tell a story of pursuing happiness. 

With this little project of mine of pursuing a creative path, I hope you’ll follow me in discovering and loving life through design.