Typography For Ducky Jess, Photographer

6:23:00 PM

I’ve got a few enquiry emails asking about my process developing a typography assignment…so i thought I’d blog about it. 

When I first got the email from Jess, I was beyond ecstatic. 

She had approached me to develop some lettering for her new business venture as a photographer. I first did my research on her business and was very impressed with her work. She had a soft and dynamic style as a photographer that I thought we would be a great fit for a project together. I put together a draft brief for myself and sent it to her. 

I replied her with a list of questions to get to know more about her as a business, her needs and her aspiration for the project together to get a feel of what she needed out of the work I was about to do for her. She came back promptly to me, succinctly list out her requirements of this job. I was rather excited and impressed with how she knew what she want.

When the brief was set, I got started to work. 

I had a playlist of songs that I worked with:

  1. Ed Sheeran - Thinking Out Loud
  2. Sam Smith - Lay me Down
  3. Ed Sheeran - I see Fire
  4. Monster and Men - Dirty Paws
  5. Kite String Tangle - Arcadia
  6. Japanese Wallpaper - Forces
  7. Sufjan Stevens - Should've known Better
  8. ALT-J - Breezeblocks

I feel like setting a playlist before every job makes a difference on the outcome of the product as it sets the mood and the style of the written words.

In the end, I would say that this is quite a successful project and hope that Jess is happy with the pieces I’ve done for her. I think that she’s an amazing client and if you want to check her out and use her services, its at Ducky Jessica

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